A team of heroes from the Earth Defense Force that fight the Kiseichuu to protect Planet Earth. Using XERO gear, they convert H-energy into the fighting power they use to battle the Kiseichuu. Once H-energy is released it must be replenished.
  • H-energy
    The source of human libido. Teenage boys and girls are said to be full of this energy. When the Kiseichuu suck the H-energy out of a human, they lose their life force.
  • Kiseichuu
    The Kiseichuu are alien invaders that are trying to take over Earth by eliminating anything that sexually stimulates humans and devouring humanity’s H-energy.
  • Earth Defense Force Saitama Branch
    The HxEROS members of the Saitama Branch live together in the same house.
  • XERO gear
    A physical enhancement device that converts H-energy into fighting power. It can strengthen the physical body of the user of the device, but the only downside is that each time the device is used, the clothing of the user gets torn to shreds.